What do you do if you think your child has allergies?

What do you do if you have allergies in raleigh-

Allergy season can be difficult on families. In our last post, we wrote about some of the lesser-known keys for families to keep in mind in allergy season. Today, we want to give you three steps to effectively treating your child’s allergies.

First, you can give an antihistamine as a step.

This can be an appropriate first step for someone who thinks they are having trouble with allergies. You can buy an effective antihistamine over the counter at your local pharmacy, and this could potentially help with many of your child’s symptoms.

However, do keep in mind that allergens can cause a reaction that produces more than 30 chemicals (more about allergies at our previous post), and histamine is just one of those chemicals. This means that an antihistamine can only help with some of your child’s allergies, and it is not necessarily a cure-all.

Second, if your child’s allergies are persisting, go see your pediatrician.

We cannot help you overcome your allergies without knowing what the allergies are. Some indoor environmental allergies can be removed lowering the reaction to outdoor allergens. That’s why Growing Child Pediatrics uses an appropriately sensitive allergy test. Allergy tests have advanced over the years, and the ones we use help us get a good understanding of what allergic reactions your child is having. After that, we can help develop a treatment plan.

Additionally, your healthcare provider will be able to explore whether there is anything other than allergies affecting them. It is possible that what we think are allergies are actually another issue.

Third, take and keep notes about your allergic reactions.

How do your child’s allergies compare to last year? Did they flare up at the same time? How were they feeling? Most of these questions are hard to remember after 12 months of life. That’s why we recommend writing down how their allergies affect them in the moment.

You can simply write these down on a notepad if you’d like, but we would recommend a digital note-taking application. Evernote™, for example, is a free option that allows you to easily make notes from any device. If you find yourself wondering in a year how their allergies were in the past, you can easily search through your digital notebooks to find what you wrote about their allergies. This will be helpful both for you and for the team at Growing Child Pediatrics.

Perhaps today you need to schedule an appointment with your Growing Child Pediatrics location. We hope to see you soon!