Our Services

Growing Child Pediatrics goes well beyond what you’d expect from a pediatric clinic. We offer a variety of specialized services to help children from birth to their college years. And if there’s a service your child needs that we don’t offer, please let us know. We can help you find the resources you need.

Pre-Baby Visits

Please contact the Growing Child Pediatrics office most convenient to you when you discover that you are pregnant to schedule a pre-baby visit. During this visit you will meet with one of our providers, tour the facility and have the opportunity to ask questions.



Lactation Consultation

Our certified lactation counselors work with parents to help them make the breastfeeding experience as rewarding – and nourishing – as possible for all concerned.

Asthma / Allergy Clinic

We offer individualized care to access problems and provide appropriate treatment for problems associated with allergies and asthma. We provide resources for evaluation, education and treatment, as well as basic allergy testing (which often helps asthma patients identify allergic triggers to their asthma). Please contact us for more information.

Treatment of Persistent Asthma



Psychological Services

Growing Child Pediatrics offers a comprehensive range of pediatric psychological services including:

  • Cognitive, educational, attention deficit and kindergarten readiness assessment
  • Classroom observations and interventions
  • Training workshops for schools and community agencies
  • Social and emotional adjustment
  • Behavioral management
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Parent and family counseling
  • Social skills training
  • Coaching for children and adolescents with ADHD


Well Visits

Children experience rapid growth and development, especially in their early years. Therefore, younger children have more well-child visits.  Regular well-child visits will enable your provider to monitor how your child’s development compares to normal developmental milestones.  We offer routine well-child checkups for developmental feedback & monitoring (for younger children) as well as annual physicals specific for summer/track-out camps, sports and other extra-curricular activities (for adolescents). 

At these visits, your provider will measure your child’s height, weight, and head circumference.  Some visits will include hearing, vision, and other screening tests.  You will also have the opportunity to discuss issues such as sleep, safety, childhood diseases, diet, school, access to community services, and what to expect as your child grows.  In order to help you get the most out of your visit, we suggest writing down any questions or concerns you may have and bring them with you.  Having the opportunity to spot and treat injury or illness either early or before it starts, gives your child the best path for maintaining overall health.

Same Day Sick Visits/Urgent Care

We know that illnesses aren’t planned and it can be difficult to get an appointment at the last minute. Therefore, we offer same-day sick visits to our established patients.  Patients who call before 3:00 pm with urgent care needs can usually be seen on the same day. 

Immediately addressing your sick child’s ailment in an office environment helps in three ways:

  • Ensures your children receive the prompt treatment they need to start feeling better
  • It keeps both parent and child from spending needless hours in ER waiting room and
  • Saves the family from higher deductibles and co-pays typically associated with hospital visits

* Please bear in mind that appointment slots can fill up quickly during sick season, so please call as early as possible for urgent care needs.  We strive to give you and your children alternatives to long, uncomfortable emergency department visits.

Patients Called After Release