Fees, Insurance, and Billing

Please feel free to ask the receptionist about any fees before or after your visit. These fees include physician services and occasional laboratory services or immunization fees. We recognize the high cost of medical care and make every effort to keep your medical costs down. For this reason, we request that you pay for medical services at the time of your visit. This will help cut down markedly on billing costs so these savings may be ultimately passed on to you. We do recognize that unexpected medical expenses are not always budgeted. If necessary, a monthly payment program may be arranged. Also, we do accept MasterCard and Visa as a courtesy to our patients.

We have agreements with most insurance carriers and will bill them directly for services provided in our office and at the hospital.

It is the responsibility of the subscriber to verify that we are “in network” with their particular plan.

Insurance Networks

If your insurance requires a co-payment for each office visit, co-payments must be paid prior to the visit, so please see the receptionist when checking into the office, prior to seeing the physician. For those insurance carriers for which we do not have provider agreements, it is your responsibility to pay for services provided at the time of your visit and submit your claim for reimbursement. We will provide you with a “super bill” (itemized bill for that day’s service) at each office visit. This bill can be attached to your own insurance form so claims can be filed with minimal difficulty.

If your insurance has not responded to claims within 60 days, the balance becomes your responsibility. We are more than willing to work with families to set up payment plans. Please call our billing office for assistance (919.488.0015 ext 1026).

Feel free to call the office with any questions about routine illnesses, office policies, etc. We are happy to help you in any way possible!

Immunization Fees

We recognize that immunizations are quite costly. While we prefer to follow your child for well care and medical problems, if your insurance does not cover the cost of immunizations and you prefer to receive these at the health department, you may do so. However, NC provides free vaccines when insurance does not pay, but you will be charged a nominal injection fee of $13.71 per shot (covers nursing time, administration of vaccine, and supplies).

Divorced Parents

We have unfortunately encountered numerous problems with reimbursement for services in cases of children whose parents are divorced. Because of this, we ask that the parent bringing the child into the office be responsible for payment that day. We realize this can be a difficult situation for all concerned; however, Growing Child Pediatrics cannot serve as an intermediary.

No Show Fee

A 24 hour cancellation notice is required to avoid a $25 No Show Fee.