We don’t receive training to become parents. This is unfortunate because our first child is always our “experiment.” I was constantly looking for the instruction manual that was suppose to come with my children. As we learn how to become parents, a mom and a dad, we also need to learn how to become a family and assist each other in our needs. The needs of a wife and mother are totally different than from a dad and husband. Communication, tolerance, a belief in each other, and the realization that God has given us something special, not someone else, but us. Children thrive and excel when they are brought up in a positive atmosphere of acceptance, love, happiness and approval. All children are different and need to be treated as individuals. No two are alike! This makes parenthood extremely interesting, challenging and, at times, frustrating. Please make use of every opportunity to talk to and be with your child, read to your child, tell stories, use your imagination to stimulate their imagination and play. The greatest gifts we can give our children as parents are our love, our acceptance and our time. Most behavioral problems that children manifest are simple attempts at getting attention. If we spend more time giving positive attention, children will have less motivation to seek the negative attention. Make efforts to read parenting books and special topic books that relate to your particular concerns. You will find your unique problems are actually universal problems. This helps us realize we are not alone in our parenting endeavors. Parenting is much easier when both parents are on the same wavelength, yet the different approaches makes for the great common effort. Effective parenting requires effective communication between spouses.

What Makes A Child Successful?

You Do, through giving your child a feeling of “I am OK”, I am loved, I can make a difference, I care about others, I want to learn. It is not the grades we make or did make that get us through our day, rather what we have inside ourselves. Good luck, and thanks for allowing us to assist you in the development of your child and family.